Monday, March 30, 2020

Wonderful World

Towards the end of February, as I started doodling and sketching arbitrarily on a pre-stamped journal page (those brown and pink marks are made using a chopped mushroom as a stamp), I ended up with this painting. Depicting life forms from all the habitats - land, sea and sky - the human figure in the centre uniting all to convey gratitude towards the wonderful world we live in.

Little did I know then that in under a month, the world would be battling a global health crisis. A pandemic that has come into existence because the human species refused to let Nature be; because we tried to show our supremacy over other life forms and habitats. How we have been humbled.... confined to our own spaces instead of forever intruding into theirs.

Stay home and stay safe, dear readers and followers. In the meanwhile, you can utilize the lock down to try out some of the creative ideas on this blog. Check out older posts and I'm sure you'll find something that catches your fancy. Happy creating!

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