Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ghats And Boats

The two things that characterize the city of Benaras, or Varanasi, believed to be the oldest city in India. Also considered the seat of Hindu traditions, and famous for its weaving of the now dying Benarasi sari. Though I have never visited the city but I found a newspaper picture of it so compelling that I just had to paint it.

This was one painting I enjoyed thoroughly, especially doing the boats. Here is a close-up of my favourite parts.

The aim now is to consciously paint in a more loose fashion with emphasis on the Impressionist approach. I believe a watercolor works best that way.

Hope you enjoyed this one!


Yuvika said...

the first one is super neat. super like!

Sujayanti said...

I love it Mads - the composition is super powerful and the blend of colors beautiful - the only suggestion i might have is trying to use darker shades of blue in the water closer to the water and fading it out to a lighter shade; don't be afraid to use more water in order to give it a greater feel of an impressionist painting.

Creative Rumblings said...

Thanks, Yuvika & Suj.

And Suj, thanks a ton for the suggestion. Someone once told me that I was perhaps using too much water which is why the colours looked light. Ever since I'm wary.... but I admit, water and sky are two tough cookies! I'll keep your words in mind next time.


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