Monday, September 6, 2010


September always gets off to a slow start as my daughter's birthday right at the beginning of the month keeps me busy. But I'm aiming to make up this week by trying to paint more often.

Here is a glimpse of the painting before it dried completely, with the wet parts standing out.

This time I chose a picture from my inspiration file, and I was sure I wanted to paint it using watercolors. I love the fact that I'm suddenly feeling more confident about this medium. Months of observing the works of other artists seems to have finally paid off!

No votes for the question I posed on my last post! Tch, tch.... my readers are getting indifferent. Anyway, I am going with 'Waiting' because that signifies hope, and is therefore a more positive title.


Kristy Lantz Astry said...

I love your Grassland painting. I think that watercolor is the perfect medium for it. You're very good!!

Creative Rumblings said...

Thanks a bunch, Kristy. Your encouraging words mean a lot!


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