Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dealing With A Royal Challenge

I started out with a Royal Challenge whisky bottle. The shape was good but the logo embedded onto the glass at the top made things difficult. I had to think of how effectively to use or hide the logo, so that it wouldn't interfere with the artwork.

The round shape reminded me of the sun, and I contemplated doing a landscape with it. But its placement bang in the middle was not too helpful. Then I thought of something totally unrelated....

....And turned the piece into this. Howzzatt??!!

Ganpati with his mooshak (mouse consort) and a plateful of laddoos, and of course, with fabulous headgear! Now can you spot what I was trying to hide in the first place? :)

As for what is on the other side of the bottle.... Aaahh! for that you'll have to wait till the next post. Any guesses?!!


Ishrath said...

I would have preferred a landscape with the sun - your original plan for that circle was perfectly placed for that :)

Also, maybe it is not a good idea to place a deity's image on a liqour bottle.

Creative Rumblings said...

Thanks for your suggestion, Ishrath. Next time I'll try out the landscape.
As for the deity on a liquor bottle, I thought initially on the same lines as you. But then there is another way of looking at it - perhaps the recollection of the deity will keep people away from the liquor !! No harm putting health first, what say? :)


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