Monday, March 14, 2011

Lakshmi-Ganesh : The Diwali Bottle

Goddess Lakshmi smiling down upon your home and bestowing her divine blessings.

Sounds perfect for a Diwali setting, doesn't it?

And if she is accompanied by Ganpati....

....along with a bunch of lotus blooms, it only adds to the auspicious quotient!

My daughter loved Goddess Lakshmi's sparkly jewels and crown, while my son loved her pink complexion!! :)) I love the blue-black hair myself.

This bottle will be an ideal decor element during the Diwali season. How about using it as an accompaniment for the card table? Imagine trying your luck with Lakshmi and Ganpati for company! And those lotus flowers on the sides are sure to keep the moolah rolling in. :)

p.s. -Yes, for those of you who were keen to know, this is indeed the other side of the Royal Challenge bottle that I talked about in my last post.

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