Friday, March 4, 2011

Warli Themed Bottle

Green coloured bottles lying untouched for months finally get a new lease of life. Warli motifs look fantastic on them as I discovered on a chance impulse.

Somehow all my bright ideas come at night when I hit the bed, and half of them are forgotten or muddled-up by the morning. But this one stayed with me, and wouldn't let me be till I tried it out.

I super-like the little stick figures that are so characteristic of the Warli style; aren't they absolutely endearing.

The tree is another important motif around which a lot of activity takes place.

Loved the fact that I could complete this bottle in one day flat. Bottles that drag on (and the detailed ones take days sometimes) tend to squeeze a lot out of me, leading to a phase of listlessness. But not this time....

Hope the innate celebratory mood of Warli art perks up your spirits for the weekend! :)


Anita said...

yes, they are... :)
wonderful idea and execution...

Creative Rumblings said...

Many thanks for your appreciation, Anita. :)


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