Monday, March 15, 2010

Avian Symphony

Spring has brought lots of birdsong into our lives, and this painting is inspired from just that. Hence the name... :) This was a fun composition because it started out as random sketching and ended up being what it is!

The painting is actually made up of three different montages, all fused together. The thrush splashing in the birdbath while the sparrow preens itself is one scene; the red vented bulbul stopping by on its way is another; and the honeysuckle getting its fill is the third part.

All scenes from different balconies around the house, brought together in this painting. No wonder the kids loved it! :) And it helped me get more creative with figures.


Fifi Flowers said...

FUN birdbath!!!

Creative Rumblings said...

Thanks, Fifi, that comment from you means a LOT to me! :)


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