Thursday, March 25, 2010

Red Roofed Barn

My second attempt at watercolors (after making sure I used the right kind of paper this time).

The red-roofed barn was created from the picture below.

For the record though I must share with you some of my watercolor experiences this time round. First, I hated squeezing the paint out of tubes. It just freaked me out completely. I'm so much more comfortable dabbing my brush in a bottle of richly textured paint, and then playing around with it, so this was a hateful exercise.

Then, my initial washes just made everything look like blobs, so I got frustrated and gave up. Thankfully, I regained my patience and perseverance, and revisited the blobs after a break. And then felt much better as I managed to salvage at least some of the shapeless forms into something more discernible.

All in all, a great learning experience! Watercolors are another monster altogether, and one that will take considerable time to get used to, leave alone feel comfortable with. Perhaps the choice of subject wasn't right either; I should've started with something smaller. A landscape tends to be expansive so maybe a floral close-up would be a more positive start. Hope next time I have better luck!

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