Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here is my attempt with my new watercolors; a typical beachside scenario. I admit I chose an easy subject to start with! ;)

My first foray with watercolors has only proved right all those points about the medium that I knew all along. Still, I'll put them down here so my readers can learn from my experience.

Firstly, the paper is paramount; you cannot execute watercolors on just about any paper. You have to get good quality stuff specially meant to soak up the water, and help spread the colour.

Secondly, watercolor is a very flexible and fun medium, something that allows you to play around much more than acrylics do. Acrylics have brilliant shades but limited reach. So you can actually paint exactly as you have in mind; they allow more control. Watercolors have a mind of their own.... you have to play along and try and get as close to what you wanted when you started out.

Also, since watercolors take longer to dry than acrylics, you can add more dimensions to your work as you go along. I found this aspect especially liberating since this means you have a better chance of hiding your mistakes. In this aspect, acrylics are tough and you have to work with a very sure hand.

Sounds complicated? Well, it isn't really. Moreover, you get to appreciate any medium only when you dabble in it yourself. So go ahead, pick up that brush and discover for yourself! :)

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